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Your business is unique, your challenges are unique, so the solutions should be unique.   We come to you with a quiver full of arrows and choose the ones that will be most effective.

Your business, our passion, together we grow.

Start up planning, business acceleration, employee retention, succession planning, growth financing, training and operations excellence, leadership development and family business consulting are our specialties.

Succession Planning

Find the leader for the next generation of growth.

Employee Retention

Don’t let your investment go to waste, keep your best employees.

Leadership Development

Leaders aren’t born, they are developed.

Business acceleration

Don’t cut your way to prosperity, grow.


Process improvement starts and ends with good training.


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Harrison Assessments

Our talent management solutions align people’s qualifications, wants, needs, passions and goals to your business.

Roadmap planning

We scrutinize your financial reports and help you plan a winning strategy, short term and for the long haul.

Execute & Monitor

We are more than just the sage from the stage, we are the coach available 24/7 promoting accountability and execution.

From Our Founder

We won’t steal your Watch

When you ask us what time it is, we are not going to steal your watch to tell you.


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