Do you have the right person in your organization in charge of training? Or is it a train by committee situation? Worse yet, are your people playing the “not it” game to get out of training the new gal?

Is training up to the person who has the most time available (either because s/he is unproductive or new to the organization) training the newest recruits? In that case- its ignorant teaching ignorant.

When most small businesses are in the “hiring” mode it is in reaction to a surge in demand or an emergency quit. There is a hole that needs to be filled and filled fast. A reaction to the pain can elicit the wrong choice as to who is performing the training.

The reality is that training takes time away from someone else in your organization. Speed slows when someone is learning a new process. People play the Not it game because they don’t want the responsibility or to be blamed if the process is trained wrong.

Poor choice of trainers ends up costing money to the business.

Make sure that the training is done right the first time? Think of training not as a cost, but rather as an investment. You are investing time and resources into making sure that the tasks being carried out in the name of your business are done efficiently, effectively, with speed and most of all with brand quality.

Don’t have your worst worker do the training because they have the time. Gencon believes you get a better ROI on your training investment dollars if you Train the Trainer. Designate one person per location or store as the Training Specialist. This allows you to make sure that your processes are being trained correctly and adds some accountability and ownership to the training process. This person becomes the easy answer to training needs. “Not it” turns to “We got this!”

The teacher/trainer has a lot of power and responsibility. If they buy in to your mission, your strategy and your production techniques they can be the conduit that energizes your whole company.

Are your trainers capable of training your processes so your quality and services are at a high standard? Let Gencon help you design your Train the Trainer program and help you capture a good ROI on your training dollar. We have many programs available to accelerate your growth and reach your profit goals.  Get your Free Assessment!