Team building doesn’t always have to be just humans.   Gencon and Franspark work with Dog Gone Mold DFW and their star member is a dog, Mason.  He simply knows he gets rewarded for correctly finding (or not finding) mold.  He is part of a team.  A human, certified mold inspector is his handler.  The inspector checks out the premises first, then brings in Mason as a backup, so you end up with two inspections for the price of one with Dog Gone Mold.

Ok, some of the team building exercises we do cannot be performed since Mason doesn’t really communicate well, but he does exude honesty and integrity.  Good traits for someone in the mold detecting to have.   Gencon works with Dog Gone Mold DFW to grow their Franchise business.

It may seem easy to lead a dog, just give him treats and he will do his job, however Mason, like human employees requires reinforced training.  The more training he has, the better he gets and finding mold.

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