Our team agreed.  Just like it says in Good to Great (Jim Collins), we need to get the people in the right seats on the bus.   The goal seems to be a simple one.  However, for most small businesses experiencing the growing pains of a limited staff and HR budget, the problem is not one of assigning the right people the correct seats.  The real question is who gets ON the bus….and WHEN?

It is a difficult process to move a business from “small” to “medium” to “large”.   You may have a big bus that is going places, but the first part of the journey usually means only a few precious dollars are available and that requires the people already on the bus must sit in several different seats at once.   When does the stress of this become too much?  What is the correct time to stop the bus and pick up another person?  Can we afford to stop?  Can we afford to NOT stop?  What is the “breaking” point of the person stretching into several seats.

For a small company driving the bus to become bigger, the important question becomes WHEN?

Okay, I am sick of this analogy now.  You get the point.  When we speculate and isolate the problem and answer questions from 30,000 feet above the fray, the solutions we derive are free and clear of the clouds.  Coming down to earth, we add a lot more factors that complicate the solution and lead to more questions.   That does not mean the problem cannot be solved. 

Solving the complicated problems is going to require open communication.  It will require some people doing tasks they normally do not like to do, with the goal of future revenues being able to pay for a replacement person to perform those tasks.  It will require patience, planning and optimism.  Most of all it will require a culture of collaboration and trust. 

All of these are possible failure points.  But a failure point can be turned into a successful change.  Franspark is aware of these issues.  We would like to continue the conversation and help your business grow through franchising.  Contact us.